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Prescription Only: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Emma Orner (2013)

The first picture depicts a boy struggling with depression by exemplifying the body language of boredom and sleepiness. The only light in the picture comes from Christmas lights which are tied around his body. This placement of lights demonstrates how he is trapped in his own thoughts and emotions. His own problems weigh him down, making it impossible to run away. The second picture is an image of empty pill bottles strewn upon the boy's bed. This demonstrates how the boy was able to escape from his chains through the abuse of drugs. He will soon find that through his abuse of illegal substances, he is building his own chain to hold him back. For both pictures, I found lighting was a major struggle. The Christmas lights only lit the area close to the bulbs, making it difficult to light a whole figure. I often had to place the lights in direct spots to accentuate specific areas of the character in order to see the full figure. Also, because the pill bottles were so small, it was hard to make out its shape. I had to find an angle that captured a full shot of a bottle while displaying some in the background.
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