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The Companion: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Helena Steffens (2013)

For my narrative diptych, I decided to portray both the problem and the solution of my story. On the left is an image of the problem, which is that the girl's dog is gone. She is holding the collar of her missing dog and crying, wondering where she could be. There is a shallow depth of field with the emphasis on the collar, showing the overlying problem. On the right there is an image of when the girl finds her dog. When she finds her dog, she also finds a new friend, who also has a dog. The young girls become friends as well as the two dogs. In photographing for this assignment, I ran into many road blocks. First of all, it was very difficult to work with dogs. Obviously you cannot exactly tell them what to do, so I learned that I had to work around what the dogs decided to do. Second of all, it was hard to fit the two girls as well as the two dogs into the frame for the photograph without getting a lot of background, which i didn't want. In editing these photos, I had to make sure that they were both bright enough because I photographed these in the evening with flash. After I figured this all out, I was able to execute my project the way I wanted to.
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