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It all started with chicken feed.: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Hope Moseley (2013)

In my first photo I have taken a picture of a farmer holding a basket full of chicken feed. The background is a desert like environment with little plants growing to show that the farm is not tended to. I placed the farmer in the top left rule of thirds to help show that she is looking out into the distance and to show that she has faith in her farm. It was very difficult to make sure that the ground did not become too washed out from the bright sun shining down. A challenge I received along the way while taking this photo was the shadow being created by the hat on the famers head. The shadow was covering her eyes to much so you couldn't see her eyes in the photo. To overcome this I had to fix the aperture and use a reflector to bounce some light onto her face. This photo was taken with a Canon DSLR camera and edited in Photoshop. To fix the washed out sky I changed the contrast and brightness/darkness to allow the clouds in the back to pop and become more distinctive. My second photo shows two farmers holding the basket together. This is showing that the man has a part in the farm. He is also wearing the hat to help indicate this message. The bushes in the background have some bright orange color which helps show that there is more life in the farm. A huge risk I took was taking the photo right in front of the sun and to overcome the brightness I used a small aperture to let less light in the lense. A challenge I encountered along the way was making my actors model the way I wanted them to model. By the end I just got them to model how they would think the should be modeled. My outcome was just the way I wanted it to look. In Photoshop I changed the contrast to help the farmers pop out more in the photo.
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