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Change: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Jacob Kidd (2013)

For my Narrative Diptych, I portrayed Freddy Meyers, the main character of my story in two settings- the Conflict and the Climax. In the story, Freddy, a social robot and goody two-shoes type, is left home alone by his parents who are off attending the local neighborhood block party. As time goes on, Freddy grows rather bored, and when his good friends show up and want to sneak out, he ultimately decides to disobey his parents' wishes. On their adventure, the three friends trespass on a grouchy old Mr. Hoffman's land. As a result, in the climax of the story the characters run into some trouble- and Freddy has to escape the wrath of the old man on his bike, smiling triumphantly as he's getting away. The first picture is shown darker and cooler, as well as unsaturated and seemingly dull. To achieve this I shrunk aperture of the camera to let in less light, and used Adobe Photoshop's cooling filters and saturation/contrast tools. The second picture, however, has a bright and warm flair- essentially giving it its triumphant feel. I achieved this picture by raising the F-stop of the camera to accept faster movement and enlarged the aperture slightly to let in sufficient light. I then used Photoshop to add a warming filter and to saturate the image's midtones. This contrast represents the alteration that takes place in the main character- from an obedient, goody two-shoes to a quirky, rebellious teenager.
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