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Leaving: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Jordan Albert (2013)

For my diptych, I took a photo of the main character from my graphic novel getting yelled at by her fiance, and a picture of an empty wardrobe. Now, it is a bit weird because my dad is the guy, and my sister is the girl. They are not fiances in real life, but I digress. Anyway, after a handful of measly acting in many photos, the two got into a fight over her spanish work, and I happened to take a decent photo of it which worked out well. In the second, I took one outside with my sister and a suitcase under a light just waiting, maybe for a taxi. The pictures were very blurry however, so I was forced to use the wardrobe which still does get a similar meeting across. The first photo does follow the rule of thirds well unlike the second. The first presents realistic acting, good straight lines on the wall, and high contrast of the wall to my sister. Her position in the corner also makes her seem in a state of hopelessness, which helps improve the scene as well. Not being able to see the man also refrains from making stereotypes about him and accepting him as just a person. We know nothing about him, and cannot see anything important about him other than anger. The second is very simple with low contrast, high light, and great lines. The perspective of the piece intensified by the glare of the glazed wood does bring out much more contrast, yet it is still quite minimal, but the lack of clothes gets the idea of leaving forced or by choice put out there.
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