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A girl who has it all.: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Alina Legay (2013)

In my diptych, the photo on the left shows a girl holding a wad of money and shopping bags surrounding her, but the catch is that she is unhappy. She has all this new items but no smile on her face and with this picture I was trying to show that material things don't always make a girl happy. On the right photo, I showed the same girl but this time surrounded by teddy bears and stuffed animals. I used the stuffed animals to show her sense of loneliness. Since the two pictures are connected, it shows that a girl who has all the money and all the clothes she wants is still feeling a sense of insecurity. I took these photos inside of my room at night so the lighting was very yellow. To fix this I had to use a cooling filter. I also tried making the photos look somewhat dark to show the lonely and sad feelings that it portrays. The left photo was more yellow so I had to add a higher cooling filter which makes it look pretty blue.
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