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Map searching for Atlas: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Juan Nava (2013)

For our diptych we were supposed to show two of the three parts of a story, either conflict, climax, or resolution. My left side, a boy sitting alone while others have friends and enjoy themselves, is supposed to represent conflict, a person who is sad and lonely who wants to not be so. The image on the right side, a close up of two people holding hands, representing the resolution of a person falling in love and no longer feeling like there life is lived in solitude. For both pictures I tried to limit my color palette so the remaining colors are mostly contrasting, especially with the resolution ( violet with red). The red in the main subjects jacket in the conflict contrasts with the green plants and red leaves in the background. In the resolution I put each hand going the other way so that the picture is balanced. I tried to use proportion in the conflict so the main character seemed insignificant and small compared to the big group of friends. the Balance element is shown in the resolution image by one hand leaving each side of the screen.
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