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lone wolf: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Justin Hartney (2013)

These two photos represent how the main character is scared and alone. He is addicted to buying frivolous items online but is always petrified to answer to door, fearing human interaction. I used two vignettes on the photos to show a point-of-view of the main character. The photos are also darkend because he is in a worried state. To shoot the photo of the credit card, I turned my computer on full brightness and opened amazon, put my camera on a tripod and focused it on my hand. I then put the camera on a 3 second timer so i could get it the shot. The sharp focus on the hand emphasizes that the problem is internal not external with the shopping. The second photo was a lot simpler to shoot. I put a box outside of my front door, which is clear, helping me show the handle and the box. I focused on the door handle because that is the only thing blocking the character from human interactions and the rest of the world.
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