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Reasons to smile: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Kaye Yap (2013)

In my diptych, I took photographs of the problem and the resolution from my graphic novel. On the left side, I photographed the main character, Sara, in her local coffee shop that she goes to everyday after school. Sara is a wealthy high school student whose parents give her everything she wants. However she still feels like something is missing in her life. All her ''friends'' never emotionally connect with her and her parents barely make an effort to be a part of her life. In the photograph she is feeling upset and lonely for she is surrounded by people with companions at the coffee shop while she sits there alone, waiting to be discovered or seen. On the right side, I photographed Sara in an elevator. In the novel, she is going downstairs from the coffee shop and decides to take the elevator instead of the stairs for a change. Suddenly, the elevator breaks down and she is stuck in it with another high schooler. Not knowing how long they are stuck in the elevator for, the conversation between Sara and the other girl, Elaine, sparks up into wild discussions about boys, homework, celebrities, etc. The conversation topics were endless. For once in Sara's life, she felt alive, like a spark ignited in her heart. When the elevator was finally fixed they promised to keep in touch. Sara genuinely felt happy for the first time in a while. An emotion was making her happy instead of a materialistic item, and that truly gives someone a reason to smile and laugh.
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