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Irresponsable: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Kevin Chan (2013)

My diptych shows the conflicts between Merc and his mother, Faith. In the first photo, Merc is wearing a gold medal, yet holding a poorly drawn picture, while his mother is looking at him with suspicion. I tried to convey a sense of distrust between Faith and Merc, as she is unhappy with Merc's decision to go to college and leave their hometown to start his own company. What Faith doesn't know is that Merc is hiding the company's bankruptcy by lying to distract her, which is represented by the shiny gold medal, which would imply success. The photo is set against the sky with nothing else in the frame to show that this issue is between Merc and Faith only. The scene also implies a sense of loneliness and isolation that Merc feels when he is around his mother. Both of the characters in the scene follow the rule of thirds as they are aligned to the grid. In the second photo, Merc has dropped a jar of money on the ground, while Faith yells at him for being a failure. The jar of money symbolizes the company, and since Merc has dropped the jar, it shows that he is financially irresponsible. I used a great depth of field in order to show Merc's company, SoftwareSolutions is in the background, and give a location to the action.
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