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A MInus: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Matthew Ford (2013)

In my diptych I chose the two images of a mother and son fighting and a math test with a high score on it. Those represent what I believe are the two largest central images in my narrative. The photo of the high score is the represent work ethic and being rewarded for this work. In my narrative my main character is very materialistic and doesn't view the good grade as enough compensation for working hard and essentially blackmails his mother into rewarding his with material items. That is what I tried to capture in the second photo with the mother looking displeased and disappointed. To construct these I had to first get an actor, which my mother was very open to do. And I had to create good lighting to light her face so you could clearly tell her facial expression and have the exact body language that I felt conveyed her point. It took a lot of time to find a good location with lots of natural light. I then had to get an old test and get good lighting. I tried several angles to get it exactly how I wanted it to be then combined them in Adobe Photoshop.
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