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Pass Go: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Matthew Shearer (2013)

In my Narrative Diptych I used two pictures of a man. In the first picture he is laying his head down on a table because he is depressed. This first picture is very dark and gloomy to show his mood. I included the reflection of the windows on the surface of the table table to show how bright it is outside. This is meant to communicate the opportunities the character is missing out on. I also shot it from the top which makes the subject seem powerless and defeated. He is too afraid to make changes in his life and can't seem to find a lifestyle that suits him. The process of taking these picture took a little while because the light was a little difficult. I wanted the picture to be dark but it was hard to distinguish the features when it was too dark. The second picture was also problematic because I wanted the subject to be blurred a little, but not so much so that it was hard to tell what was happening. Time consuming but I think it worked in the end.
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