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The Hand Of: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Michelle Staufenbiel (2013)

My Narrative story was about Rebecca, a Field Hockey player who is not completely accepted by her teammates due to her intolerable playing habits. Rebecca is a hog ball that often tires herself out half way through a game and ends up making critical mistakes. Rebecca is an excellent player who has many talents but her selfish habits lead to her being an outcast on her own team. Eventually Rebecca takes her hog ball habits too far. She ends up shoving her own teammate out of the way to get the field hockey ball. You can see this in the first picture to the left. This results in complete isolation from the rest of her team. Rebecca now knows that she can't mistreat her team just because she want to win really badly. Rebecca in the end ends up giving up the ball to her teammate. You can see this in the second photo where a hand, which is Rebeccas ends up giving the ball to another hand, which is a teammate.
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