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Fight the Food: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Paige Eller (2013)

In my diptych I attempted to tell a story of a girl who suffers from an eating disorder and how it affects her confidence. As you can see in the photograph on the left, the girl is surrounded by two other girls eating a bunch of food, where as she is not, symbolizing her lack of self esteem. The difference in the amount of food on her plate compared to the other girls in the photograph shows how prevalent her eating disorder is. The photograph on the left represents the passionate desire Sophie has to be more like her friends. Her gaze and grip on the dress show the extremes she takes to lose weight. In both photographs I decided to use a portable light that would enhance and focus the viewer in on Sophie. I felt the light casted a nice shadow on my characters face, revealing the correct emotion, I hoped to portray. In the other photograph the light creates a silhouette with my character. I felt this was important to get across because the story is about self image and the extent one goes to maintain ones confidence and self purpose. By doing so, I hope my audience can see how Sophie views herself. I also used the rule of thirds, to draw the eye to the most important pieces of the photograph.
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