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John's Big Moment: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Peter Salcido (2013)

This diptych is based off of my graphic novel. My gradin novel was about a young guy named John who never got to know his father due to his absence. John has heard many stories about his dad, but he doesn't believe any of it. He finds out that his dad is in Rome, Italy. He eventually finds him and reacts positively. What I did to show this in my diptych was I showed John's Dad leaving to go to Italy and he has his bags packed an he is waiting at a bus stop to leave his old life behind. And then the picture on the right shows them both meetin for the first time and try are very happy to see each other. What I did to create the right mood was I had the man in the left picture have a serious look to him and a depressing body language and color. The colors are more dark and cloudy skies. The picture on the right shows happy expressions with a brighter color skeem and a happier mood.
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