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Stop Sign: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Rachel Uyeda (2013)

These two photos tell the story of a girl who is trapped in her own inability to break out of her shell. The classic introvert, she struggles with being who she is. Her ambivalence and habit of taking everything a little too seriously ultimately leaves her lost and confused. The left photo is of a car at a stop sign. The stop sign, although not prominent in the photo, metaphorically represents the small yet harmful piece of herself that can't seem to relax, or in that case, figure out what it wants. The car is stopped, not sure which way to turn, and I made the photo black and white in the hope that the desaturated colors would translate the feelings nicely. The second photo, shows the after effect, or in terms of a story, resolution. Because of the previous feelings the character harbored, she begins to lose her footing, and, eventually falls. This is represented by the glass on the table caught in a falling motion. I edited this photo to be black and white as well, and although it took many attempts to catch the glass in motion, I eventually figured it out.
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