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The Great Wall: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Sam Wong (2013)

This piece is about one man's struggle against an insurmountable obstacle. It is his tale of woe and despair in the face of his defeat. He wants nothing more than to win this battle, and everything it is. In the story, this boy and his friends are running to get to a ''secret creek.'' They all easily hop this fence, but for our hero? It just isn't happening. He tries everything from brute strength to using a box as a stool. Success is not abundant. For this, I had a few friends pose on a fence as if they were climbing it, and we carried the boxes over from the cafeteria. I tried to keep the shots dark so that things would seem less hopeful. It was a very sunny day, which didn't fit the mood very well. The boxes caved under our weight, of course. In the end, we decided to keep it for comedic effect.
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