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Out of the Blue: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Sheila Ahi (2013)

In the first picture, I portray the character Grace Parsons as solitary and independent. She's reading the book in an environment where she has the opportunity to interact with others, showing that she keeps to herself and does not feel the need to step out of her comfort zone. In the second picture, Grace is faced with a dilemma; to act or not to act. Her neighbor, Robert, is in a state of vulnerability and she has the power to help him. The overall storyline symbolizes how a conservative person feels the need to be indifferent in order to stay safe. Grace, however, overcomes her fear of being exposed and decides to help him in the end. In order to craft the diptych, I began by utilizing my own Nikon D5000 SLR camera to take the pictures. I took between 30-60 shots of each setting, from different perspectives and lighting arrangements, then uploaded them onto the computer. I created a contact sheet on Photoshop CS6 to display all the photographs and proceeded to choose my favorite of each. Then I created a canvas, resized the two photos to my preference, and placed them side by side. A challenge I faced was using the shadows to my advantage for the first picture, but some of the settings made her face too dark. However, when I situated myself so that her face was still visible, the sun reflected some shadows to add more detail to the photo.
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