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Within Happiness: A Junior Narrative Diptych by Christopher Lanman (2013)

For this the narrative unit I created a diptych based off my narrative I wrote in English class. The diptych was primarily based on the main character from my narrative, Brett Bocci. The main character, Brett, constantly struggles to make decisions because of his obsessive compulsive disorder of over analyzing every situation. Since Brett is so analytical in all that he does he lacks all confidence. In the narrative Brett has a crush on this girl in school, but cannot find the courage to even get near her. By the end of the novel Brett finally builds up the courage to ask the girl on a date. So to show just that the first photo on the left shows Brett in the background looking at another guy talk to the girl he likes, showing how hopeless he is. However, in the photo on the right it shows Brett talking on the phone with the girl smiling because has found the courage to ask her out on a date. In terms of our procedure we first were set out to take 60 photos, 30 photos for each side of the diptych. I took many photos with several different angles until I found the two photos that I really liked. The main goal for me was to tell a story using my photos. So I did just that, on the left side it shows the problem and on the right it shows how that problem disappears.
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