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Humble State of Mind: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Alan Enecial (2013)

In my illustration I traced a leg with a crack in it while it is releasing words into the open space which is supposed to represent my character's mind. The words being released from the knee are words that are generally thought as positive comments for an athlete and in the open space, I placed several Heisman trophies throughout the picture to show that that's the only thing my character thinks fabout. I also placed the number 1,000 several times because that's the number of yards a running back would shoot for if he's going for an above average season performance. The knee releasing the words are showing that his injury is helping him realize how good he was as a player. The message of my illustration is to show that my character's injury has opened up a positive perspective on the situation with my character not achieving his goal. My character has always focused on improving and getting better that he has forgotten about his actual performance throughout his years and how great he has done. When he had fallen short of his goal, he became upset with himself. The overall message of my narrative is to have a humble mindset and be happy with what you have and have already done.
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