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Waterfalls: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Alex Stuwe (2013)

Making our illustration based off of our Narrative essay was a slight challenge for me because of conveying the emotions and feelings in my essay was hard to put into a illustration. Conveying my feelings of loneliness and rejection without using people proved to be a challenge, but I eventually came up with the idea of having a waterfall with ripples of water that spell out loneliness pour into a pond in the bottom filled with that same word. This expressed the feelings of my younger life not being able to fit in. Above the pond at the bottom I have several bright green trees that are really small to resemble happiness but how far away it is and how at that time it was out of my reach. I also decided to make a bright blue sky and a big sun to show that when you first look at me I look happy and fine but once you keep looking you realize that I had a hard time dealing with it.
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