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Finding the way into Ricks heart: A Junior Narrative Illustration by David Smith (2013)

The background behind this Illustration is that the door with a bunch of locks represents Rick not letting people into his life because he is paranoid and cannot trust people. The key represents Sally, his girlfriend, trying to literally open him up. The door, which is Rick's brain, is trying to be opened by Sally and let her into his life. She tries to open the door, but with all the locks from the other side, there is no way shes getting in. Designing this Illustration was a long and sometimes frustrating process. It did take me a considerable amount of time to think of the concept, but making the locks was for sure the most time consuming. First I had to find a lock on the internet that was at the perfect angle of my door, then I had to trace it perfectly. It was a lengthy process but I think that my locks turned out pretty amazing looking, and definitely draw peoples attention.
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