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Just Do It: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Drew Russert (2013)

My narrative is about a young man who wants to grab the attention of a particular girl he likes, but he doesn't have the confidence to do it. To represent the young man, I used a mouse still in his little hole in the wall. For the girl, I used a slice of cheese sitting in the middle of the floor. The mouse wants the piece of cheese, but is too afraid. Many negative thoughts (on the wall) surround him. These thoughts make him second guess the move to go snatch the cheese. However, on the floor three words that say ''just do it'' remind the mouse to forget everything else and to proceed towards the cheese. I had to ponder for a while to find the best metaphors to represent the two characters. I figured a mouse and a piece of cheese would do. The mouse desires the cheese, similar to how my main character desires this girl. To fully capture this image I used adobe illustrator. The features on adobe illustrator allowed me to draw this picture while representing the main idea behind the story. The actual picture than the one being viewed by you now is more clear and less sloppy (just FYI).
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