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Path to Freedom: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Ean Pollock (2013)

In this illustration, I tried to represent a graphic novel in which an abused and underappreciated woman leaves her boyfriend behind and starts her own life. The tree represents him and all that comes with him. Words such as ''regret'' and ''control'' create a negative tone. There are no leaves left on this tree, as it is ''dead inside.'' From the roots of the tree, a black tunnel is seen going through the dirt, reading ''Escape Escape,'' and at the end, a pink earthworm. This earthworm represents Quinn Gutierrez and her struggles with emotional dependence and mental abuse. It is pointed toward the sun, which reads ''Hopeful'' and ''Light.'' These words are used to describe what her future looks like. I feel that this work is successful because it has a clear meaning to it and tells a clear story.
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