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The Child: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Emily Markman (2013)

I used Adobe Illustrator to take my main character, Don, from my graphic novel that I made in English. Don feels like his family despises him, yet hopes that he will one day be accepted again since he's become successful in life. He fails to realize that his family has moved on without him. And so he clings to this childish hope. In order to achieve this, I made him small, in a weak position, and in the middle of a spotlight surrounded by dark ominous figures lurking in the background and foreground. I also used text to help make the illustration stronger. For Don, I made him look small and childish because that's who he is, deep down. Despite being a man in his early thirties, with a wife and two kids, he is constantly wondering why his family has treated him so badly, even from a young age. And so every year he tries again and again to get in contact with them, hoping they'll take him back. The text and clothes I used and made were aimed to make him seem younger than he is. The text is of childish, naive print, with phrases that describe how he feels about his family. The darker lurking shapes that represent his family. I had the light bouncing off them to make it look like they acknowledged his presence there and took advantage of that to tell him about how they feel about him, and give past insight as to how he was treated as a boy. Their text is darker in color and more jagged and edgy to give off that ''not welcome'' feeling.
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