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Completing the Puzzle: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Gabrielle Makower (2013)

My diptych for this project consisted of two photos that explained the conflict and the resolution of my story. In the first picture, you see a girl who is upset and looking longingly at a microphone. She is unable to complete her work because of her disability, dyslexia. At this point in the story she is in a dark place and can't figure out how to overcome her struggles. In the second photo, she is holding her schoolwork and singing. The resolution of the story is when the character learns her way around her disability. She learns how to find accordance between her school work and talents. She used her songwriting ability to her advantage. She made songs that related to her homework content as a study technique. For my illustration I used the brush tool to create a sunset effect in the background to show the medium between daytime and nighttime, or good times in her life and bad times. I used the brush tool in the dark area too, to create a vortex effect- almost like a tornado that's trying to bring her down. I used scary, creepy text to show that the words were haunting her. For the sunshine I used swirly, curly text to show lightness and happiness.
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