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We Are All Mannequins: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Haley Jones (2013)

For my illustration, I chose mannequins to be my central image. I used these mannequins as a metaphor for society and how people attempt conform to what society thinks is ''perfect'' or ''acceptable.'' This makes it rare for people to stand out and be different. I made most of the mannequins identical to each other to represent the majority of society. The mannequin in the middle however, is red and larger than the other mannequins in the illustration because it represents the rare few that are different. I faced many challenges when creating this piece. At first, I wanted to include typography inside each mannequin. I tried doing this but it was not visually appealing. I also struggled with picking the a font. After trying about ten different fonts, I finally made up my mind. The most difficult challenge for me was trying to line up the mannequins to create a perfect circle. I spent a majority of my time trying to perfect this and I did as well as I could with the time I had. After I thought I had finished, I felt like something was missing. I went back and created a background using different sized circles with different shades of gray to create the feeling of space. I felt this completed the look and made it more interesting to the eye.
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