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The floating duck: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Hope Moseley (2013)

In this illustration we had to incorporate typography to help get our message across to the viewer. I used typography in the water coming out of the shower head and put some words in the bathtub. The typography is in cursive and is written like a wave to really establish the water like look. This illustration is supposed to resemble that water helps me overcome dyslexia. The water is keeping the duck a float which stops the duck from drowning. Swimming helps me through dyslexia which allows me to find rhythm and patterns to help me spell. This illustration is made up of many photos that were taken from the internet and traced in Adobe Illustrator. I used lines for the floorboard to help the viewers eyes become drawn to the bathtub. I used the color wheel to pick colors that would go together very well. Blue, green, and yellow are next to each other in the color wheel which helps them blend together nicely. Repetition is used through the waves in the bathtub. I used different shades of blues to have variety and to make the water look more realistic. A major challenge I encountered along the way was actually coming up with my illustration sketch. It took me many trials to get the illustration how I exactly wanted. Although it took me a much longer time then all my other classmates I am really happy I took the extra time to come up with a master I am 100% confident in.
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