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Dyslexic Tornado of Tranquility: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Jacob Behar (2013)

For my illustration, we were to chose from any of the papers we have written this year in english and depict it in Adobe Illustrator. I chose a piece I was very proud of. In English we had been given the simple directions to wright about an imperfection of ourselves. We were told not to stop to edit or correct or even to fix or spelling, but to just write. I wrote about my dyslexia. I explained how I often feel like a reverse tornado, whirling and spinning on the inside while presenting a calm exterior. I began by tracing a candle I found on the internet in Adobe Illustrator. I started with the candle because one of my favorite lines from my paper was ''...The candle of tranquility melts over me...'' I figured that I could easily stretch and morph letters to look like wax drops and would clearly state my objective. This was easier said than done. I tried many fonts but eventually created my own. The tornado was traced from a stencil and I filled each loop with the text tool spelling out dyslexia over and over again to create a 3D feel. I struggled to figure out how to layer my candle and the tornado but ended up just cutting the candle into many pieces so it would not show through the parts of the tornado I didn't want it to. I added a gradient to the sky and tornado to add some texture.
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