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Altered: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Jacob Kidd (2013)

Push, pull, fall. Individuals change based on their environments- a process that everyone undergoes perpetually in order to achieve a sense of where they belong. Change ensues from conflicts. Conflicts can either be an external push or an internal pull. The main character of my Narrative Story, Freddy Meyers, is pushed by his overbearing parents to stay at home while they attend an annual block party. His boredom grows apparent as time goes on, and when Scott, a close friend from the neighborhood, shows up at the back door ready to sneak out on an adventure, he is pulled to disobey his parents' wishes. In this Illustration, I used the brush tool to shape the three icons of the story- the piano, the muffin, and the bike. I created a whirlpool effect using a charcoal textured brush and used corresponding blue and purple colors to give the environment an ominous, dark composure. The portal-shapen clock in the center is warped to give a sense of a change in time. The second-hand of the clock rotates to represent the time in which Freddy changes in the climax of the story- and the second in which he is altered entirely.
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