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The Number 8: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Jordan Albert (2013)

This piece came from a poem based on self evaluation. Every aspect has meaning behind it, from the textures on the demon referring to my rough exterior personality, the sword with it's menacing edge cutting through me leaving a burning pain. All of this came from the phrase ''My name is Jordan, and I am the guardian of the core. Here I choose. They are nothing.'' Now, these two things may seem to not exactly correlate well together, but the pieces do all fit. For example, I am the guardian of the core refers to the demon. I chose a demon because they represent pure evil, and hatred, both of what I saw myself as. The fire is the burning anxiety to fulfill my desires, regardless of the rational thoughts behind them. The smoke then goes to the second to last detail, being worthlessness. Smoke quickly evaporates, and is forgotten to even be present. No matter how much of it is there, it always dissipates. Lastly, there is the number eight, and how numbers describe my OCD, and lead to the ''core'' of the issue I had. The eights on the other side of the spectrum are also almost protective. I will not however, disclose non-symbolic meaning of the numbers, the demon, or hatred. In the illustration, there is good contrast, largely due to heavy amounts of gradients, and textures. In addition, the backgrounds bright colors, especially yellow bits create a focal point and more emphasis on the demon. The fact that there are thirteen eights is no coincidence either, and was to show two spectrums, for thirteen is often signaled out as bad luck. In conclusion, my favorite part are the high areas of contrast, for they seriously put much more emphasis on the pieces of the art that in my opinion are most worth studying.
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