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Dancer: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Annamari Jaaksi (2013)

My illustration is a ballerina dancing in the spotlight, and her entire body is formed out of words. Our illustration had to be about something we had done in Freestyle before, and I decided to work with the Self-Portrait diptych I made. It represents how I feel like I don't have a true talent yet, and I am worried that I will never have one. People who have a passion for something and master it, like dance or music, start practicing when they are very young. I did a lot of different things when I was younger, so I never got to master only one thing, and now I feel like it is too late for me to start even though there are multiple things I would like to learn. I used Adobe Illustrator to create this project. Working with different font options and learning about how they can fill up a space, I was able to create the ballerina strictly out of words. In addition I used different fonts from to get a specific look on her hair, skin and dress.
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