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hibernatiom: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Justin Hartney (2013)

This illustration depicts the protagonist as a bear playing poker by himself. I chose a bear to represent my character because they hibernate for long periods of time and don't go outside. My character is always in his house and will never go outside. The text around his head says ''alone'' which serves as barrier between him and everyone else. Also the text on the table; ''paranoid'', ''alone'', and ''scared'' represent his only company; his emotions. To create this illustration, I traced a poker table, and a bear and put the bear behind the table. I used the font on a path tool in Illustrator to have the fonts go around the bear head and to be slanted on the table sides. To create the feeling of a room, I divided the background into three sections and made the floor a brown to go with the table. I then made the upper third a neutral green and the right a darker version of the green to create the illusion of shadows.
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