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A Weighted Balance: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Justin Walker (2013)

The story behind my narrative illustration comes from my poem that we made during our self portrait unit. My poem was designed to express my passion for weightlifting. The poem I wrote is about my walk to the gym I work out at, and how it has become somewhat of a ritual for me. It puts me in a mindset that makes me determined to do my best. In my poem I have a line that states, ''The sunlight digests my Quesadilla.'' With this line I am referring to how emotions such as stress, anxiety and irritation deplete my ''Quesadilla'' which represents my will, strength, and determination to push on through and to stay motivated before and after my workouts. In Design we were instructed to incorporate typography into our illustrations. Typography is the study of fonts and the art of incorporating types of various fonts into your art piece in order to better convey a message. In the case for our illustration we used our typography to help tell a story. In Illustrator we used a tool called ''Type on Path Tool'' which allowed us to draw curved lines and then wrap text around those lines. This tool was the cornerstone of our illustration because it greatly facilitated the integration of our typography.
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