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The Calm: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Cameron Fukuyama (2013)

My illustration is a visual depiction of the secure and calmed feeling I obtain from moments of introversion and how at times the only way I can gain solace is by truly being alone with my thoughts. The storm clouds hovering above symbolize my cloud of thought that is regularly filled by rational thoughts with as little emotional interference as possible. However, despite my efforts to repress them, my emotions do inevitably precipitate. The left side of the storm symbolizes the anger and frustration, that can often plague my thoughts, with lightening strikes and vocabulary that carries angry connotations. On the opposite side, rain in the form of more melancholy words is used to depict a more somber mindset that exists in parallel with with my anger and threatens to drag me into a depression should I let it. Despite this storm of emotional turmoil, the beam of light encompassing a flower in the waste symbolizes the serenity that exists in solidarity that offers an escape from both my rational and emotional burdens and gives me hope for the future.
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