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Strike of Reality: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Matthew Ford (2013)

Through my illustration I was trying to portray that often the more serious tones of life that you experience when growing up are often the ones that ruin childlike ideas and innocence. I depicted this in my illustration by showing a dark background behind the more serious things in life, those serious things in life are shooting down several lightning bolts to rip apart the less serious, and lighter colored tones that I showed being inside of a thought bubble. I also showed that the thought bubble was fueled by goals and dreams which are often associated with childhood aspirations. I tried to use fonts to further underline the tones of the words, for example I put the more serious items in a bold large font, where as I put the lighter, less serious items in what I viewed as a sort of curly, fun, lighthearted font. Using the gradient tool I was able to create a background that changed from light to dark. How I completed this illustration is by drawing out the clouds and lighting, with the help of some pre-made clip art and the tools provided in Adobe Illustrator. To get the custom text the way I did, I went to, where I browsed through the selection until I found something that I thought would capture the tone of piece. I then used gradients to create the background so that the light switch from light to dark.
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