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Overcome: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Nava Motamedi (2013)

In my illustration project I have a picture of the main character who is looking down on the cliff. The cliff contains words on it such as ''Scaredy-cat''. Those are the names the protagonists in the story call him because of his fear of heights and not being able to overcome that fear. There are tiny rocks crumbling down the cliff with words such as ''invertigo'' and ''fear'' to explain the way the main character feels about his fear. Across is a green cliff with the word success on it. It stands for hope and strength and a bright side. Using Illustrator, I have drawn out the cliffs, rock, and the person looking down on them. The words are used in different fonts to give an idea on how the character feels using words. For the background I used a gradient to show a light center for the sun to be covered by the cliff. I have used colors appropriate for the idea being demonstrated. Such as the green cliff for success. The main character black to show his fear.
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