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Metamorphosis: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Paige Eller (2013)

My illustration represents my acceptance of change and the positive outlook I have on it. The butterfly, who is making its way out of the cocoon is not used to the new world, but is eager to see what is ahead. I chose the word metamorphosis to represent my illustration. Like the butterfly, I too am morphing as a highschooler, and slowly changing to become something beautiful. The butterfly that is dangling from the cocoon represents the steps I've taken so far to adopt change. You can tell that the butterfly is hesitant because it has not left the cocoon, however, it is excited about its surroundings. The tree in which the cocoon hangs on is in black and white. I did this in order to create a balance of color to contrast the butterfly and cocoons. Having multiple cocoons in the photograph was supposed to show how the people around me are also struggling with change. I wanted the butterfly to be very colorful so the eye is attracted to it. The light colors I used for the background set a nice mood about the photograph and does not creates an overwhelming scene.
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