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Drumroll Please: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Rachel Uyeda (2013)

I chose a poem to base my illustration off of, as it was more personal than the fictional story I had written. Before working with Illustrator, we first had to sketch out a number of drafts so that we knew all of the aspects of the photo would work out. There is a plastic heart in the center of the illustration, representing both the metaphorical main character of the poem, and the not so metaphorical main muscle of the body. There is a treble clef woven into the heart, as the poem's theme revolves around music. The lights on the top of the photo, obstructively shining down on the heart are in fact, melting it because the heat is so strong. The light is actually made up of a mantra that is representative of the poem, ''to the beat of the drums, to the beat of my heart, to the beat of my head.''
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