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Boxing For Chicken: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Ryan Rosh (2013)

In the Narrative Illustration I have created, it has an oasis and in that oasis is an El Pollo Loco. It is about my graphic novel, which is about a bird named Al, that needs to quit his addiction to El Pollo Loco because he has recently discovered it is chicken. The El Pollo Loco is an oasis from change. An ignorance barrier to protect him from anything. The desert is his loneliness from when his only friend, Dave, trying to help him break his addiction, gives up and leaves him. The tornados boxing each other are metaphors for Al and his addiction to eating chicken (Boxing For Chicken). He is fighting himself and his addiction. The stormy weather is something that is unusual. Rain in the desert is not supposed to happen just like a chicken that has an addiction to El Pollo Loco.
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