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Chained: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Sanjana Pandit (2013)

This illustration we created in our design class was merely based on our flash fictions we wrote in English. We were told to display our main character's conflict metaphorically and also incorporate typography, a style of art that integrates text creatively, for this illustration. We were given a plethora number of fonts from, but only had to choose a few to include for our typography in our piece. My flash fiction story is about a boy named Charlie and a girl named Annabelle who both struggle to fit in at school. Both of these characters are alone and even though they may not flaunt it, they both want someone who they can trust and create a strong friendship with. Since both of these characters have similar desires, I decided to only display one of their conflicts through a white bird being ''chained''. The bird is trying to soar like all birds are born to do, but is being stopped by the weight of the anchor, representing a feeling of restraint of being pulled back and not being able to fit in with the others. I incorporated typography by adding text to the outline of the chain that is holding the bird's tail and connected to the anchor; the chain is the main object that is limiting the bird from soaring high with the rest of the birds. On the outline of the chain, I included phrases such as ''I want to be free'', ''I'm being held back'', and ''I'm not like the others'', and other internal conflicts the bird might be contemplating on. I wanted my illustration to be simple and visually appealing while still being able to successfully portray my story and the internal feelings of my two characters. I decided to use cool colors throughout this piece to give off a sense of loneliness my characters and the bird might have been feeling caused by the restraint they were experiencing.
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