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Blue Ignorance: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Sheila Ahi (2013)

The illustration I created is a depiction of a bubble floating through a city. The bubble symbolizes Grace in her comfort zone– blue while everything else is grayscale because she is in her own world. The graffiti, seen by her as hazardous, displays words such as ''danger'' and ''monsters'' to further emphasize her conception of the surrounding environment. The gray surroundings indicate that Grace's conclusion of the area is that it is unfamiliar, therefore in order to stay safe, she must not associate herself with it. In order to create the illustration, I used Adobe Illustrator CS6. I created all the images myself and did not trace another using the pen tool. I added some extra texture to the background by using the paintbrush tool option, making my own custom brush and utilizing it. I used shapes for the building, windows and the bubble. The original design on the bubble was orange, so I placed another circle on top of it and played around with the color and opacity in order for the design to become blue. This was a bit challenging, however, I was pleased with the outcome. Organizing the layers by each object's placement and order made it much easier for me to work.
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