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Necessary Self Reflection: A Junior Narrative Illustration by William Scheetz (2013)

Through my narrative illustration, I convey how the main character of my narrative believes that he is a star and a king at his sport, when what he needs is to develop good work ethic and become more humble before he can truly master his craft. He is arrogant and cocky, and this affects his relationship with his team and coach. If he can learn to work hard, practice seriously, and take criticism from his peers, then he can become a star and further his dominance in the sport which he loves so much. Creating this illustration was a long process. First we chose an idea and brainstormed ways to portray it using symbols and metaphors. After we completed that, planned how we would incorporate typography into our work. Finally, when we had everything planned out, we began creating our illustration using Adobe Illustrator by tracing images and then using the Text on a Path tool to add text to our piece.
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