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Strings and Bass: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Christopher Thiem (2013)

For my narrative illustration I chose to portray the two main characters in my graphic novel as symbols. For Chadwick, the dad, I chose to make him a piano because he is a very classical person that likes things to be classy and well kept. For Zach, the son, I chose to portray him as a subwoofer because he likes to act out and be loud to try to make his voice heard, which can be portrayed a subwoofer. These are placed on each side of the frame to show the distance between them. The words in the middle are colored to symbolize who is saying them and their meaning is important to the character. The words mesh in the middle and show their willingness as they get closer. For this project I used Adobe Illustrator I found pictures of a subwoofer and a piano and traced over them with the pen tool. The piano was fairly straightforward but for the subwoofer I needed to make good use of gradients to give it the three dimensional effect. The most difficult part of the Illustration was the subwoofer because of the gradients and all the small details that I couldn't quite get. Another thing I liked about this project was placing words on a path and the effect this gave to my project. I feel that my Illustrations are usually worse than my Photoshop projects, but they are definitely improving.
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