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Structure VS Insanity: A Junior Narrative Illustration by Collin Frietzsche (2013)

When structure and insanity clash, one is uncertain of the impending future. That is the basis of my Adobe Illustration based off of my Flash Fiction I wrote in English. In the Flash Fiction the protagonist, Tony, begins the story mourning over his deceased dog. He feels very depressed and lost in his world. The only thing holding him to his sanity are relationships. In the story he meets a girl that resolves his sorrow and allows Tony to be happy again. In this Illustration, the dog with the typography chain around him represents Tony's relationships with his dog and with the girl he meets, and how they are his structure and peace. The buildings are tilted slightly because in reality, the city life is not completely structured, but a crazy mess of people trying to enjoy their lives'. However, from Tony's perspective, he sees the roots of the buildings (which are very rigid and straight), portraying how Tony sees society as sane and organized, unlike his own life. The heart that is falling deeper into the earth towards a hellish state, portrays the position that Tony is in before he finds love again. The roots and chain in this Illustration use the design aspect of typography, allowing myself to incorporate text to further portray the feelings of Tony in his struggle to find sanity.
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