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Traveling Impatience: A Junior Conceptual Project by Blake Moran (2014)

In my conceptual art piece I am exploring the sense of impatience while traveling. I wanted to convey the sense of anger and uncertainty that comes with the feeling of impatience. The lava in the background of the art piece is conveying the anger a person can experience when they are impatient. Impatience can make you feel literally heated and often makes your head hot. I think that lava can show the heat and tense feeling that I want to show. The other two main parts of my piece are the airplane and the rollercoaster. With these two parts of the art piece I wanted to make the viewer experience the feeling of a plane taking off or a roller coaster falling. These two things generate a sense of nervousness and uncertainty. When a person is feeling impatient they have a sense of uncertainty. They are not sure what is going to happen and that is what makes them so nervous and impatient. That is the feeling I wanted to convey in my artwork.

In my art piece I used a multitude of art mediums to create my finished project. I drew a plane with colored pencils to make the plane more simple rather than animated. I used pastel on the ends of the plane in red to give the sense that the plane was on fire coming out of the lava. I wanted to do the lava and plane by hand so it could look more real and make the plane and fire the main part of the piece.
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