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When it Ends: A Junior Conceptual Project by Carter Lee (2014)

My entire concept for this piece of art came from my core concept statement that came from english which was ''Regret from a long walk''. I wanted to explore and show feelings of sadness and gloom that are what comes out of regret. The path was placed intentionally to show the idea of life, which always has an end, and thus people want to die with no regret. The entire background of the piece is a dark and shadow like place to show the dark feelings of regret and how you want to hide like a shadow. The crimson tears show sadness in a way that does not make them look too bright or happy colored.

The fine art mediums I used in this piece are dry pastels to make the tears look real and have them blurred in with the background. I have also used some paint to really make the dark crimson color pop out and separate itself from the photo. Lastly I used some water-color to give a little wet look to the tears to blend them in with the background and not make them look to flat.
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