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Moments in the Making: A Junior Conceptual Project by Daniela Chavez Preciado (2014)

For this project, I got the statement, pride in accepting myself. To me, pride is being able to look at your work with honor, respect, and satisfaction. Saying ''Wow, I did that! I'm great!'' For that reason, I chose to use statues. Statues are used to showcase someone whose accomplishments go above and beyond expectations. Accepting yourself is the ability to be at peace with not only your strengths but also your weaknesses, not only your assets, but your faults as well. To show this, I used many different colors colliding on one paper, all peacefully co-existing with a handprint that implies one's acceptance of all their different pro's and con's. Truly accepting oneself can be difficult, this piece explores the feeling of pride that accompanies self acceptance when it is achieved.

My mediums include acrylic paint; I chose to use acrylic paint because it is permanent once it dries, like when you have your first moment of true self acceptance. The feeling of pride may not last more than a few seconds but the knowledge that it is there, deep inside of you stays with you forever. For the statues, I used an various images of statues on the internet, because I wanted a picture of a solid object to show that pride is a real thing and is found everywhere.
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