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Seeding Desires: A Junior Conceptual Project by David Lim (2014)

For my experimental design, I explored the feeling of suspicion in the event of compromise. Throughout my artwork, there is a black tree and grass on top of a surreal background. This represents how compromise is seeding an idea or notion in the mind of someone else, in order to give the false sense of satisfaction for both needs. My intention of making the tree and the grass black represents how it rids the purity of a true and untouched desire. The psychedelic and colorful background, on the right, represents the beauty and creativity of the human mind, how it is free of restraint to dream and imagine anything and everything that it can dream up. On the left is a representation of suspicion, a tower of the mind, like an eye encompassing everything with its sight. The shaking hands in the middle are like photographic negatives because they represent how letting others invade our raw and unfiltered minds is so dangerous, but it is the only way that as the human race we can continue to progress.

I first began this project by making various gradients in Adobe Photoshop CS6 in order to create a platform of color in which I could edit. Then, using a large amount of smudging, blurring, sharpening and more gradient layers, all using different brushes, I finally become satisfied with the landscape I created. Afterwards, I used various grass and leaves brushes to create the black grass and trees. Then, I inverted an image of a handshake I found online, transposing it on top of the tree.
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