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Broken Sky: A Junior Conceptual Project by Dean Gustafson (2014)

For my art in this project I am exploring the feeling of guilt while following your instincts, and I believe that my mixed media art explains this theme very well. For the clouds I found a picture online that I liked and using Photoshop applied multiple filters to give it that goldy look to it. To make the hands seamlessly come out of the clouds I used the lasso tool to make a cut and tuck the hands into the clouds. For the night sky I painted the black with acrylic paint and added grey accents as well. For making the stars I used silver spider spray paint and turned out better than I had initially hoped. For all the hands I used Adobe Illustrator and traced pictures with the pen tool and used the quick selection tool and eraser to only get the hands. Overall, the message that I wanted for my project is the feeling of guilt while following your instincts specifically when rising to the top. In my art it is seen that hands are coming out of the clouds reaching for those above them and hands above are trying to recover those below. For this I wanted the viewer to feel the guilt that comes from becoming the best you can be, because sometimes you have to leave people behind in order to so. I got this idea from seeing homeless in my daily life. Whatever the case may be, the homeless like the hands coming out of the clouds, have been left behind and it is our job, like the hands from the sky, to help those left behind to bring them to greatness.
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